About Reyki AI

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to help save businesses money by optimizing cloud computing resources. We're a team of data nerds, software engineers, and cloud geeks. As veterans who have worked in cloud computing since its inception, we believe in making it affordable and accessible to companies who are building the next big thing.

What We Do

Reyki AI is a unified AI solution for cloud cost optimization.

Simply onboard onto our service and forget about it. We'll do all the automation and heavy lifting of optimizing your cloud expenses across a diverse range of resources and services, ranging from compute, object storage, block storage, databases, Kubernetes, and more.

Using cutting-edge AI models, we continuously monitor cloud resource utilization and spend efficiency to implement savings optimizations in real time to reduce your monthly cloud expenses.

Our Team

Our founders are a team of cloud computing experts with more than 50 years of aggregate experience. We're composed of data nerds, cloud geeks, AI researchers, seasoned software engineers, and technical product managers. We built Reyki AI's core tech originally to solve one of our own startup problems of saving money on cloud computing. Before we knew it, the product sprang to life and found product-market-fit before our eyes. So now we're offering it to the world.

Who We Aren't

We're different from our competitors:

  • We're not wholesale channel partners of cloud service providers (e.g. buy low and sell high).

  • We're never apply any hidden markup pricing on cloud resources.

  • We aren't just a pass-through of cryptic cloud service providers discounts.

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