Virtual Tagging

This feature is coming soon.

Virtual tags are the ability to apply new cost allocation labels for all cost data that is imported into Reyki AI.

In many organizations, maintaining robust tagging best practices is vital to being able to ensure visibility and analysis of cloud spending and efficiency. Yet, this effort has often been hampered by several challenges:

  1. Inconsistent tagging schemas across internal teams and users.

  2. Inconsistent tagging schemas depending on cloud service providers.

  3. Missing support for tagging altogether by cloud service providers.

These problems not only create substantial gaps in terms of cloud FinOps observability, but also a cause fundamentally inaccurate or missing cloud cost data and reporting, which can lead to suboptimal cloud spending, analysis, and allocation.

With Reyki AI virtual tagging, organizations can better track, allocate, and analyze resource utilization, efficiencies, and spending. This feature is directly integrated with both Cloud Savings Dashboards and Cloud Cost Dashboards.

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