GCP User Prerequisite

This is a pre-requisite to be part of Reyki AI Network (RAIN), which affords an additional 10% savings.

For Google Cloud customers who have opted for Consolidated Billing by linking Google Cloud projects to Reyki AI "Billing Account", we will assume the responsibility of billing operations. That is, you will pay all Google Cloud bills to Reyki AI who will in turn pay it to Google Cloud.

All of your cloud usage and cost data will still be visible to you in your own cloud account and dashboards (e.g. Cloud Billing Reports, etc.).

Reyki AI has billings-layer integrations and automations in place with cloud service providers to ensure that we are never delinquent on your bills owed to them.

At the end of every month, you will be billed by Reyki AI for your total cloud spend across all of the services you've used for that month. That bill will be broken down by service line items. It will also include any potential credits accrued and applied to that month. Historical billing statements can be viewed per month. When you choose to link your Google Cloud projects to Reyki AI "Billing Account", the Reyki AI service fee will be consolidated and be visible as part of your overall single bill. See pricing plans for more details.

The month-end cloud bill net balance must be paid no later than 5 business days after invoicing.

Here is an example of a month-end cloud bill that Reyki AI customers receive. All numbers are purely for illustration purposes only.

Example: August 1 - August 31, 2023 Total Google Cloud Bill



Compute Engine









Cloud Storage






Cloud CDN



Reyki AI Service Fee


Statement Balance Ending 8/31/2023


Reyki AI does not mark up the costs of any cloud service usages. You can always verify by comparing costs and usage between Reyki AI dashboards against your cloud provider's first-party data.

If you link your Google Cloud projects to Reyki AI billing account in the middle of the month, you will receive two cloud invoices for that month. The first invoice will be from Google Cloud for the usage before you joined Reyki AI, and the second invoice will be from Reyki AI for the usage after you linked projects to Reyki AI billing account. For all following months, you will just receive a single invoice from Reyki AI.

Manage Your own Google Cloud Billing (Outside of RAIN)

Google Cloud customers can still use Reyki AI solutions without being inside Reyki AI Network (RAIN). In this case, you will receive your Google Cloud bill as usual from Google Cloud. And you will receive a separate Reyki AI monthly invoice for the service due to Reyki AI for optimizing your overall cloud costs. See pricing plans for more details.

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