Block Storage Optimization (BSO) Engine

Autonomous block storage optimization.

Reyki AI - Block Storage Optimization (BSO) Engine

Optimize performance, ensure stability, and drive upwards of 60% cloud storage costs. Reyki AI's cloud storage optimization engine automatically and dynamically shrinks or expands block storage volumes in real time based on your application needs. Reduce paying for idle storage surplus while ensuring that surge in data requirements never constrain your application. AI augmented modeling learns your application data usage patterns to dynamically optimize storage volumes while providing stability and resiliency.

Block Storage - Without Reyki AIBlock Storage - Reyki AI Optimized

Static Provisioned Capacity (Suboptimal)

Dynamic Provisioned Capacity (Optimal)

Over-provisioned Storage (Waste)

Minimal Buffer Storage (Frugal)

Exposed to Data Surges (Risk)

Enhanced Data Resiliency

How Reyki BSO Engine Works

  • Create a virtual disk clone (VDC) that mirrors the native storage filesystem

  • The VD is composed of multiple modular volumes (MV) versus a monolithic architecture.

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