Compute Optimization Engine (COE)

Autonomous compute optimization.

Reyki AI - Compute Optimization Engine (COE)

Reyki AI will reduce compute costs by automatically managing cloud service provider (CSP) volume discounts based on your evolving infrastructure needs. Our cloud compute optimization engine analyzes your compute usage patterns and rates and then implements steeply discounted rates at the billings layer without your intervention or engineering effort. Enjoy massive savings rates without having to worry about long-term commitments or contracts.

Compute - Without Reyki Compute - Reyki AI Optimized

Fixed Reserve Capacity (Suboptimal)

Dynamic Reserve Capacity (Optimal)

Long-term Commitment

Flexible, No Lock-in

Unused Reserved Capacity (Waste)

No Unused Reserve Capacity (Zero Waste)

Excess On-Demand Capacity (Expensive)

Minimal On-Demand Capacity (Affordable)

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