The following instructions will take you through the Reyki AI onboarding process, which varies by cloud service provider.

Step 1: Create a Reyki AI account.

  1. Sign up for a Reyki AI account.

  2. Go to your inbox and activate the account. Then log in.

  3. Choose to get a free savings estimate or onboard directly onto Reyki AI.

  1. Select the cloud computing service (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud) that you'll connect to Reyki AI.

Step 2: Connect your Cloud account to Reyki AI.

AWS Users
  1. A guided workflow will help you connect your AWS account to Reyki AI.

Google Cloud Users
  1. A guided workflow will help you connect your GCP account to Reyki AI.

  1. Authorize your account with Google through OAuth, which provides Reyki AI with an access token that grants permission to read your cloud usage and billing metadata. Then select the projects that Reyki AI will manage on your behalf to optimize cloud costs.

Azure Users

Coming soon.

Step 3: Finalize onboarding onto Reyki AI.

  1. Input your company information.

  2. Set up your payment method.

  1. Select your pricing plan.

  2. (For AWS users only) If you've selected to opt into RAIN pricing option, check your inbox for an invitation to join Reyki AI's AWS organization.

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